Eliminate Counter-Productive Beliefs

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senior oil & gas engineer, entrepreneur & investment professional

Let’s call him Greg.

Greg is a respected professional with MNC executive experience, who stepped out of corporate roles to be a full-time investor and have his own business. His long-term vision is to afford more opportunities and better education for his children, so they can have more of the kind of things that he couldn’t have before. 

Reach higher than before


He learned of other ways to step into higher possibilities and to be who he can be, rather than just be who he was taught to be.


Greg was committed to make small 1° shifts daily, and to make small but valuable changes so he can learn have new way to do ‘things’.


Recognise and use personal gifts and take decisions, plans and strategies are based on one’s best (most advantageous) peak.


Through Salon and doing the work in coaching, Greg learned of some ways that is better-aligned with his skills, and he recovered some of the money he had ‘lost’ through business mis-adventures previously.


financial ROI for salon membership 2022

Greg is someone who is fun to know; he is blessed with many skills that makes him a lively and interesting person to know and to spend time with. Others know him as a successful and achieved professional, an accomplished investor and business owner.

But deep inside, Greg feels exactly the opposite – he consistently feels  like he  has to work ‘harder’ to prove himself to others.

Because of these inner hidden energy about himself, at times Greg plays into his weaknesses instead of playing into his strengths and advantages. By trying to prove his ‘worth’ he uses more effort, more time and even money. But the result is that Greg entered into several lop-sided arrangements and had suffered some personal financial losses.

While working on himself in Salon, Greg recognised that his inner beliefs was outdated, and it negatively affected his income and higher level of achievements. He learned of some different ways to shift how he sees himself, and to make better business and financial decisions in life.



By being in Salon, Greg learned more of the inner work needed to create newer more powerful beliefs for himself


It required just about 1hr/week with professional coaching, and within 6 months Greg had gained ROI from salon fees.

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