Huddle-some coaching


Get the help to unravel the mental ‘huddle’ of a pile of thoughts. For the ‘Go, Go, Go’ professional who wants even more and being faster, clearer and more precise than ever.

The Work

Its having the one thought that is piled on another, on another, on another. It’s a pile of thoughts

During this coaching time, we’ll be doing work that may be just a few hours to perhaps one day. It’s about the things that is needed to get clear, or to get focused, or to get ‘behind’ the  current thinking to reach even higher.

Here’s a few things you can expect of doing this ‘work’ and being coached by us :

a coach who is committed to being a professional coach
coaching that has courage for what is needed, not just things that are nice to hear
coaching for insights, not information
to be looking for ways to reach higher possibilities and more
willingness to continuously be creating

Why Clients love this

Here’s a few of the top reasons that clients love to have some time being in a coaching process with us:

  • more ways to get ‘outside’ of themselves to know the ‘answers’
  • know of different choices to get newer outcomes
  • have broader zones of effectiveness and being comfortable with it
  • more often, to be in a positive ‘place’ of wholesomeness
  • having more ways to recover from stress, anxiety, blame-thinking, anger, overwork / exhaustion, etc.


A coaching exclusive is a tailored learning event. Careful planning and consideration is required, in anticipation of the work ahead, and to be coaching for powerful outcomes.

So, the next step is – to get in touch with us in the most comfortable way for you, and we can get together for your ideas about your coaching needs.

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