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Discovery Program 2020

Start a Coaching Practise

Miss Judy is an accomplished senior executive in the FMCG industry who had decided to leave her high-profile role in an MNC and to focus on having her own coaching practise. In the beginning, she signed-up a few friends and colleagues to be her clients. But she realised that she needed more skills  to sign-on paying clients and be able to attract new clients to her programs.

Judy joined the 3month Discovery program, and during this time she learned exactly what she needed to do to and how to sign-on clients for her offerings. 

Sales can be Easy

New Customers

Know how to Sign-On new customers to  the high-value offerings.

Business Strategy

Learning more and taking action from business perspective instead of from employee mindset

Work-Life balance

Learning the skills to make best use of the hours and increase sales although ‘work’ less than 8 hours /day.

Judy had over 2 decades of corporate experience. She chose to join Discovery because she wants a quick and sure way to learning how to be an entrepreneur and business owner.

After leaving her corporate role, Judy soon discovered that she needed new skills to make an impact on others. Her ex-business associates and ex-colleagues had stopped listening or taking her ideas and suggestions seriously as before. Because she was no longer their ‘boss’ or co-worker, they gave less attention to her words and presence. And she realised she needed to learn new skills to gain back some leverage with her contacts.

In the 3 months of being in Discovery, and by receiving some coaching help, Judy learned new skills to attract and enrol new clients to her high-ticket programs. Along the way, by doing some inner work and with the help of professional coaching, she created newer beliefs that support her new life purpose. Judy also gained new and relevant information to create her coaching practice and strategies and plans to help her reach higher than before.


Learned new ways for F2F sales conversation & close, no more feeling fear or embarrassment


Know her personal strategy to move forward


Discover newer ideas in a way that 'things' seem to 'fit' better with the new purpose.

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