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being bold

Destination Intensive

Starting from 2019, up to twice each year, we invite clients to come along and to be with us to experience our coaching intensives at one-of-a-kind destinations around the world.

In 2023, this will be #5 year for DeepDive Intensive Coaching in a group, we’re doing something new and different… and to bring in more inner work than ever before…


Discovery 2023

Get started to find out what could be needed to  easily and even effortlessly step forward and step away from being at the ‘same place’ in life for too long.

Learn how it feels to experience more of what is possible, and want to reach forward for more.

ready to accelerate

Coaching Exclusives

This is created to serve the high-performing, intensely-driven and highly motivated for success professionals whose life is “Go, Go, Go” at each moment of the day.

Maybe you’ve noticed being in a pile of thoughts, .. or thoughts with indistinguishable feelings .. or just having endless thoughts upon more thoughts. And you want to know some different ways to know how to get ahead.