SALON 2023

Reach for higher possibilities

Imagine a person that knows how to use every gift that they already have inside – imagination, intuition, perception, will, memory, reasoning – what do you think that he / she will want to create?

If that person is You, what do you want to create?

In Salon 2023, you can get excited about learning and having newer or better ways to do things. And know of how to use some different ways to reach for results that matters.


Learn in different ways

Top performers hire the best, world-class coaches because .. it’s a well-known “secret” – that a professional coach is an expert  who can show them the easy ways to learn something new.

Coaching is a very modern method of learning, compared to rote learning. In Salon, its that clients get more than any old-style classroom teaching or regular training.


There are 9 key areas in the coaching framework that is the cornerstone for our services to clients.

Competitive Edge

Get newer insights to being ‘in the flow’ and feeling faster, smarter and happier.


Know that which is meaningful or valuable and better ways to reach towards those outcomes.


Discover how to get ahead of own thinking and having newer ways forward to have different outcomes.


Doing the inner work and energy work to bring together and align thinking about what you want to have.


Know of what distracts from higher achievements and ways to stay on-track towards higher results.

Action Plan

Have a plan for what steps to take and when, and to get the resources at each juncture to go forward.


Experience being ‘in the flow’ at newer ways of doing things, and feeling natural and effortless. 


Taking a few steps forward with some expert guidance in the role of your  mentor (some subject matter only)


Exploring how it feels to operate from a place of oneness within and space energy that supports desired shifts.

Enrolling as a member

Salon members have access to participate in coaching events & activities as follows : 

Salon 2023

Raise your game by having newer ways to take strides forward. Being a Salon 2023 member has all of the following:


1-1 coaching that gets you clear and focused; its regularly two hourly each alternate week


VIP invitation (free seat) to the Global Destination Intensive (it’s 1x global intensive in year 2023)


get 1 year’s free access to online learning on IINCUBE


Opt-in to have training and gain practical skills in business / finance matters / for governance matters at board level


get free VIP pass + hot-seat coaching opportunities at various programs and events that we organise along the year


Get a full-tailored coaching plan that takes care of your growth needs, and go beyond the ‘impossible’. In Salon ELITE, it’s everything in Salon 2023 PLUS…


flexible half-day 1-1 whenever it benefits for more


get 2x made-for-you exclusives.. a private 1-1 coaching get-away to clear, renew and re-invent new ways forward


get free 1 VIP + 2 guests (total 3) free seats at the upcoming Global Destination Intensive


with 1 year’s free access for 10users on IINCUBE and have your team to be part of your growth & vision forward

Got some questions?

If you have more specific ideas and requirements, then it would be better to address your questions more accurately.

We could hop on a quick call to answer your questions


“I was little directionless in my career, and disorganised in taking charge of my personal life. I learned to be accountable and learning to influence people in a positive direction”

Liyana Ahmad Zaini

Business Owner, AZO Group Sdn Bhd

Through the Salon, I have gained clarity on myself and my own perspectives on life and the environment around me.

John Huo

Vuca Insights LLP

“Different from any other programs that I have attended as it is not about being told what to do, and being able to explore instead.”

Susie Wong

Wealth Representative, CGS-CIMB and Board Member (INED) Jupiter Securities

“Before Salon, I always thought that I am incapable of starting something of my own and do sales. With Salon, I learn that these are learnable skills and I’ve more than doubled my income in this period.”

MJ Gan