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Congratulations! And welcome!

This page provides useful information and updates for the duration of Salon.

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We’re constantly  creating….


Ever so often, Scientists discover more about the human brain, and their discoveries helps people to achieve more with what they have.

IN Salon, going forward, there will be added new techniques to help clients to ‘train’ your desires, wishes & hopes in a way that can manifest REAL tangible results according to your wants.

If you are open and want to know how, then expect to learn some useful techniques about :

Clearing Inner Energy; Having Crystal Clear Thoughts & Manifesting, Develop Your Intuition, Improving Your Perception, and more. 


Know how to CREATE positive, clear-white, supportive energy around you to realise your desired manifestation. 

If you choose to participate, we’ll be creating more energy experiences for  positive manifestation in the following manner :

  • destination intensive that incorporates energy-related people and energy-related work
  • invitation to additional sessions for energy clearing and white light energy information sessions
  • invitation to practise sessions to maintain a clear mind & energy and to enhance  thinking & manifesting
  • .. and more, … and you’ll be informed as it becomes clearer.


Deep-Dive in JUNE - Yes, done !

June 11, Saturday
9am – 5 pm
@ Bungalow 37, Bangsar

Itinerary :

  • Natural Bias (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic)
  • Learning of 6 Intellectual Faculties
  • Making use of Stick-Man model to elevate real-world results
Destination Intensive in JULY, Phuket - We DID IT !

Planning, inviting and giving our 200% at any intensive is one of the most exciting and exhilarating learning experiences for our clients… and for us as coaches. We strive to create unique, one-of-a-kind learning experiences each time.

Each destination intensive is unique and never the same.. the kind of ‘things’ that show-up, the ‘stuff’ that happens, the lessons, and the learning experience.

Salon 2022 participants get to attend for free.

Venue : Mariott Phuket Beach Club
Dates : 4th – 6th July


  • 4th July, Monday – from 5pm upwards, inclusive of a group / welcome dinner together.
  • 5th July, Tuesday – Meet at 9:30am (location will be provided) – 4pm
  • 6th July, Wednesday, 6th – Meet at 9:30am – 4pm

Just for this time, were offering this Phuket Destination Intensive WITH accommodation

Momentum Calls in AUGUST - Yea.. this too!

August 16th – 20th
→ 5 days, 5 livestream calls …starts at 9:00pm
→ be on the telegram channel with this link :
→ get clarity & solutions to move forward with new insights in career, business, managing teams, etc.

Here, in 5 brief points, is why  I’ve created Momentum calls, and what you can get from joining the calls :

  • get clarity on reality vs assumptions (of reality)
  • choose beliefs that serves you and your goals
  • learn of other approaches or thinking to get past challenges
  • go deeper into finding ways to be more effortless
  • gain access to selected learnings from (my) work in coaching other clients
  • .. and more, as its likely to show up along the way and in the course of these calls

Prior years in 2020 and 2021, these Momentum Calls was open ONLY for the ‘club’ of existing Salon members.

Now, for the first time, we’re taking a very different kind of decision – ie: to enable more people to get the benefits of these learnings, that previously open ONLY our paying clients. But now more people can attend for free.

Deep-Dive in SEPTEMBER - This was fun!

FutureSkills : The Executive Perspective

September 10, Saturday, at KL Hilton from 2pm – 8pm

View The Details & RSVP Information

Mini Exclusives - Strategy Sessions ! NOVEMBER

We invite you to ‘get out of your comfort zone’ so that you can bring yourself to a fun-place within!

  • learn personal strategies for 2023
  • learn to harness inner energy concentration to get what you want
  • know more about manifesting
  • create some early plans about 2023 and take advanced steps ahead

This strategy session is just ONCE for each member of Salon.. at ONE of the locations which suits your kind of experience.

@Melaka Jonker Walk, @Perak Hot Springs, @Pahang Camerons

NOTE THAT – mini exclusives requires you to be flexible with dates, in anticipation of last-minute changes due to weather or  even political campaigns.

These mini Exclusives supercedes and replaces the December DEEP DIVE (was earlier tentatively scheduled on Dec 3)

Destination Intensive #2 (Dec - Mar)

You’re invited!!  Be ready to join the final intensive in 2022, which is happening SOON !

Expect the UNEXPECTED. We’ve created this experience to be new, out-of-the-box and different from intensives that we’ve done before.

When you receive your invitation, be sure to acknowledge and confirm participation because the intensive was custom for YOU!

This will be the FINAL intensive for Salon 2022 members. You are invited to ONE of the below locations for your experience :

@Nepal Kathmandu, @Bali Nusa Dua Beach, @Ho Chin Minh

This supercedes and replaces the earlier Intensive in HANOI (which was then tentatively scheduled in NOV)

Things we’ve been doing together in Salon

Learning with Like-Minded Others

Salon 2022 offers the opportunity to be with some like-minded peers more like yourself, and those who seek ways to do more, achieve more and create more impact for others.

Joining Salon is a unique experience. It isn’t anything like a networking group, some hobby club or even like a gathering of people with similar jobs or businesses.

In Salon, you’re more likely to be amongst a diverse group of people. They are curious, imaginative, adventurous and want more out of life. They may be employed, or have their own business, or be an activist or someone with a social impact purpose, or anything else they do. The common interest is that they want to know a better way to do more, or discover easier ways to impact more people. They seek to have better and faster ways to reach those higher possibilities.

Your Mission Impossible

What is that ONE thing you wish to be able to do or be the expert in, but held back because you think or believe you don’t have ‘what it takes’ to reach it? What is that fairy god-mother secret wish for yourself to be / do / have that no one else knows about? What wish may have entered in your mind as some fleeting thought, .. that perhaps you’ve chastised yourself for having been  wishful or having wishful thinking?

But here in Salon 2022… it’s different. What we’ll be doing is to reach closer to your “impossible” – by taking notice of it, and to give it ‘life’. This will be your ‘Secret Project’, sort of your Mission Impossible. It’s your unique creation and vision of the kind of reality of you and that you want to have. Together in the course of Salon, we’ll be doing the ‘work’ and so as to have mission impossible be easy to reach.

Be the Author

If following the Vedic astrology – they are saying that the world and all of humanity, willingly or not, is entering the ‘Air Era’, a period characterised by great shifts towards simplicity. Or, if it’s in the language of Chinese metaphysics – they’re saying that the world is now entering Period 9 of Fire, and that the next 20 years will be characterised by wisdom and spiritual abundance.  

Well, one thing is for sure – humanity and the world is evolving rapidly, and living in this modern world feels much different now than before. And it makes sense to be learning of How to learn, so mind and intellect has greater capacity to shift and adapt.

We invite Salon members to be ‘Author’, to ‘write’ your own script. Create and be the change you want, and experience change in a way that works for you, and is easier, and could even be effortless at times.

Some things to expect

The Unexpected
There are times when there will be new insights, or new perspectives to the same ‘old’ thing. Or at times, that which was nearly impossible or would normally take months or years to be achieved, could seem very different and effortless, or it could happen in just a short time. The unexpected could happen for you or to you, it could be soon or later. Or not happen at all. Expect the unexpected.

At times, you could feel like being challenged – to learn how to think in a different way, or to learn how to take different actions, and it also could be to learn new ways to give yourself ‘permission’. At all times, you’re in charge of any decision that you take, and always have the control of the direction of the work that we’ll be doing.


The kind of work that we’re doing together in Salon – its the kind of work you’ve chosen to do for yourself so you can be more and reach farther than ever before. Make yourself available for each get-together, and be ready to be ‘All IN’. Prepare yourself by having a good night’s rest before, eat healthily and drink plenty of water.

Be wary of energy-consuming activities, people and places that drain and depletes you. These are just a few of the things that can do to help yourself to have best outcome on any work that we do together. Bring your own notes and writing utensils to take down important information during the sessions.

Curated to a Methodology

The ‘things’ that we’ll be doing together in Salon is the result of all the experiences, learnings and different frameworks, and curating that which works and that we’ve used with many clients over the years, and to create from it a different ‘way’ that works even better.

We’re going ‘ALL IN’ on Salon 2022 and there’s no holding back. Everything we know, learned and experienced over the years and having worked with many clients, has been finely curated into our coaching methodology, to create newer unique learning experiences.


How many free coaching travels is included?

Two times a year, we invite a small group of people to join us at a specially selected location somewhere in the world, to participate in the 3-day coaching Intensive. Salon members get to participate for free and pay only for flights, accommodation, F&B and other personal items.

Are learning materials provided?

There are a variety of tools & resources during the course of Salon that is provided to increase understanding and your success. These include book titles, links to informative videos, or other content that are provided at a relevant point in time, during Salon.

How is Salon different from others out there?

Salon is different (and unique) in many ways. These are the 3 most frequently mentioned difference of Salon that our clients are talking about :

1. Everyone teaches, and everyone learns. The ‘work’ we do together as client and coach, is to find that which works best and easiest, and brings their best outcomes. It’s unlike ‘classroom’ that has ‘one way’, ‘one answer’ or ‘one expert’ in the room. 

2. Value, not volume. Quality not quantity. Clients get personal coaching time, and quality time with me as their Coach. No hierarchies, and not having to ‘swim’ past the less-experienced so-called coaches (who are learning at your expense) so as to get to the ‘real’ ones.

3. Comfortable in the uncomfortable. New ideas or discoveries of themselves or a situation that challenges old beliefs becomes ‘easy’ to overcome, and clients have the ability to be more masterful of change.

What abilities can be developed in Salon?

During the time together, clients get to know different ways to increase and effectively expand use of the 6 intellectual faculties – perception, imagination, intuition, reasoning, memory and will.

There’ll be opportunities to discover the kind of abilities one has, and ways to ‘bring it to life’. Some abilities are more obvious, occasionally it could be ‘hidden’ or out of sight from everyone including one’s self.  Sometimes, a client chooses to develop those abilities they’ve had to ‘downplay’ in their job or career, and in Salon, they get to learn new and different ways it helps them to reach their higher achievements.

What are the contents / topics / syllabus for Salon?

These are in no specific sequence; some topics / themes may require more attention than others, and we’ll discover this as we go along. Some additional themes may also come up in the course of Salon, and could be added to our conversations during the time together.

1. Have Permission. Knowing and giving permission and making space for the kind of things that serve you, and helps to reach higher.

2. ‘More’ can be easy and fun.  Discover, learn and apply different perspectives, and new ways to think, and let go of “work hard for money” thinking.

3. A different reality. Awareness and clarity, and living into a life that is by your design.

4. Selling is not sales. Learn some ways of creating valuable conversation and excitement about your product. or service.

5. Leading others in a modern world.  Discover how others learn, think and ways to be able to have more impact and influence.

6. Meaningful conversations. Know different ways to adapt to different views and perspectives and to have powerful meaningful conversation.

7. Business mindset. Learn some things that helps one to be more effective as business owner, employee or Director.



Resources & tools, and any other additional information made available in the course of Salon will also be uploaded to a google drive, and is reference-able throughout. Click here to access Members’ Library.

My Calendar

Salon 2022 comprises of 1-to-1 time and doing some ‘work’ together with me as your Coach, and the community that will get together to have new learnings and experiences in a group.

During our 1-on-1 time, its a time that we’ll have to focus on areas, skills or challenges that is important to you – and creating more clarity around that. At times, there could be some insights, or some new ideas or ways to do things that could be unexpected. It could also be a learning or information that is important and appropriate in the situation.

Use this link to schedule time on the calendar for our regular fortnightly conversations.


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