Salon 2022

Get started to reach for your higher possibilities

Our Invitation

You could be a fun, interesting individual but with an edge – to discover how else to create more in life.

Salon is in it’s 3rd consecutive year – and in these 3 years, we’ve showed our clients some different ways that they can reach higher and have more. 

This is an invitation to those who want other ways to have more and achieve their “impossible”.

Why join Salon?

 Salon is for those who are excited about learning different ways to do things, and who want more out of life. Experience the kind of learnings by way of new ideas, different thinking, insights or even discoveries that speeds up, or smoothens, or facilitates reaching their higher achievements.

By joining Salon, one will learn how to do some ‘inner’ work, and together, we show how to do the ‘work’. What our clients have discovered is that there are new and different ways to do ‘things’, and making the kind of choices that work for them.

Most people are taught from young, to aim for achievements that seems possible for them, and to experience life without knowing their highest possibilities.

 And our clients have discovered that they could get more out of life in a somewhat effortless way and in a shorter time than they every thought possible, and while they could also be having fun! 

BEST 4 Benefits of Salon 2022

Inner Skills - The Secret Advantage

Learn how to increase intellectual and emotional capacities by knowing the inner workings of the mind.

Advancing Intellectual Faculties

Know how to use and develop the 6 higher intellectual faculties of the will, intuition, imagination, memory, perception and reasoning.

Ways to be smarter, faster & happier

Learn how to achieve more of what you want to have and get more results by knowing how to be smarter, faster and happier.

Learnings for inner work

Know more ways to develop inner capacity and resilience and learn how to do inner work that helps you to achieve more in your career and business. 

What is included?

You get regular 1-on-1 calls, and during these times, it is to focus and do some ‘work’ on things that matter the most to you.

You’ll get to join our exclusive 3Day Destination Intensives which always held at a carefully selected, beautiful location somewhere around the world.

You’ll get to join half-day group get-togethers that are held at convenient and comfortable venues at locations somewhere around Klang Valley

In total, over the course of one year of joining Salon, you’ll receive nearly 100hrs in professional coaching services and the help that puts you on-track to reach for higher achievements in lesser time.


Featured Client Testimonials


  • “I was able to gain insights and new perspectives on how I look at things and life.”
  • “I learned that I should ‘lean’ into my fears even though I may feel uncomfortable.”
  • “This has increased my self confidence and resulted in my achieving greater levels of success and income.”
  • “It is different from any other programs that I have attended where the Coach will tell you what you need to do in this, that manner like it is casted in stone.”
  • “Only for people who are interested in taking their life and business to the NEXT LEVEL.”
  • “Before Salon, I always taught that I am incapable of starting something of my own and do sales. With Salon, I learn that these are learnable skills and I’ve more than doubled my income in this period.”

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