Salon Sign-Up 

Have better ways to get ahead and reach the higher possibilities.

Salon is for those who want TWO-in-one benefits – that is, a 360° coaching plan for inner growth AND coaching to use those to reach the higher possibilities – done for you, for the whole year.

As a member of Salon Elite


1-1's fortnightly

This is a powerful way to get past the old and nearer the ‘new’ each time. And get the flexible option to turn a regular session to have a mini-intensive instead when required.


(1+2 free) seats at Destination Intensive

Ask TWO of your best ‘mates’ / business partners to join you at the 3D Intensive for FREE, so that together your group / team / partners are more committed and able to reach for higher goals. Total 3 free seats to attend the global destination intensive.


2x Exclusives

Twice a year, you’re invited to be on this exclusive coaching experience. Expect to be coached at a unique location that itself is a one-of-a-kind experience, and know how it feels to  deep-dive and do some inner ‘work’ together in a coaching process.


Free Subscription

Get 1year free access on IINCUBE and get useful information and some new skills to help you reach forward. With additional free access (up to 10 users free) so that others around you know how to connect more with your goals and dreams. 


(1+2 free) seats at our other events

Ask TWO of your best ‘mates’ / business partners to join you, while you get the free VIP pass + hot-seat coaching opportunities at various programs and events that we organise along the year

Salon Elite is where you get coaching access at practically ANY (well, reasonable) time, so you get to address more of those ad-hoc ‘things’ that show up. 

Salon Elite is about having ways to be ‘In The Flow’ more often and connect inwardly in a way that gets more of the ‘right’ outcomes effortlessly, even where it’s decisions or choices that seems new or never done before. 

Benefits of Salon

In Salon 2023, its that you want to be building Momentum – more speed, more focus and more resilience. And by joining Salon and being a member in 2023, you can look forward to :

it’s 1-1 coaching, fortnightly through the year

1 free VIP seat at the Global Destination Intensive, a premium group coaching event with a few like-minded others

free subscription to IINCUBE for 1user

1 free seat for our other group learning & coaching events, when these are organised

Salon is a powerful program for a client who wants to get much more in the coming 1 year than probably any other years before. The fee to join Salon 2023 is USD 19,000/year and comes with all the other benefits of being in Salon.

Salon Elite membership is $28,000/yr

c / WITH a special GIFT of $5,000 OFF the fee when you join Elite in the next year