Salon 2023 Sign-Up 

As a member of Salon 2023

Salon 2023 is where you gain consistent learnings that develop your inner abilities to control, manage and approach your ‘inner world’ in a way that works best for you to reach your goals.


Benefits of Salon

In Salon 2023, its that you want to be building Momentum – more speed, more focus and more resilience. And by joining Salon and being a member in 2023, you can look forward to :

it’s 1-1 coaching, fortnightly through the year

1 free VIP seat at the Global Destination Intensive, a premium group coaching event with a few like-minded others

free subscription to IINCUBE for 1user

1 free seat for our other group learning & coaching events, when these are organised

Salon is a powerful program for a client who wants to get much more in the coming 1 year (12months) than probably any other years before. The fee to join Salon 2023 is USD 19,000/year and comes with all the other benefits of being in Salon.

Salon 2023 membership is $19,000/yr

c / WITH a special GIFT of +1 Guest invitation for FREE
at our Global Intensive by renewing as a Salon member
in the next year