Let me share one of the questions that come out very often. So we go through life, there are great days and there are not. Then, there are times that we don’t feel great about ourselves. Self-doubt comes in that gets us into the ‘deep’ and we just need a way to get out of it…

What NOT to Do When You Are in a Funk

It’s that analogy like how when you drive and you come to a pothole and your car goes down — well, you’re not going to stay down for long, are you? You are going to drive past and get out of that pothole and drive straight to your destination.

Sometimes, life is just like that. We don’t realise it, that we are staying in the lows for a little tad too long and that creates more and more self-pity and drama in our head. We are looking too much in our present circumstances and what is around us at this point and reinforcing those ideas back to ourselves.

We are constantly looking for validation i.e “Can I do this or not?” and all the reasons why you can or cannot do are going to be there as well.

3 Things to Do to Make You Feel Good and Whole Again


1. Reach out to people who you don’t know very well but are achieving what you want to achieve

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to get 7 or 8 figures and you don’t really see a lot of people around you that are achieving that and are happy about it, then you want to reach out and talk to people who are living that kind of successful life that you want.

The whole idea is to ask, “What did they do to reach or achieve that level of success?” The entire universe is backing you up every step of the way and you’re going to find that universe is deep inside of you too. For the universe to mirror back to you what you desire, you’ll have to work on you, “ the inner wisdom” so it can be reflected in your outer world, ie your physical experiences.

Reaching out to people that you don’t know who are perhaps ‘slightly strangers’, a mentor, or possibly a coach and speaking to them to get new ideas is a fabulous way to getting out of that funk and getting closer to your goals.

2. Get out there and be in nature

Spend some time in your garden or take a walk in a new environment. Get out of your normal routine. This brings fresh ideas and perspective in our life. It also gives us time to reflect and appreciate what “could be” for us instead of staying in the realm of where we are now.

3. Get physical

Go out of your house or office and go to a gym or enrol in a new class. Movement really helps to quickly disrupt our habitual patterns. When we are working on our body, it helps us to create and support the container ie our body that holds our mental and emotional self to flourish.

The beautiful part is, when you are doing the physical stuff, it changes all your energy structures as well. It re-calibrates everything into a higher frequency.

Life is unexpected. Something can always happen at work, or maybe with your kids, or at home. It’s just the way it is. But what we don’t want to do is get stuck in that emotional, mental, or physical condition.

I hope these three hacks help you reassess yourself and realise that it’s only when you are out there ready to give what you have and know that you have all the love and support — then you will be in a much better position.

For all the entrepreneurs, think of this. If among the people you know, you haven’t got friends or acquaintances that are experiencing the kind of success in business and life that you want, then you know that you really need to STRETCH OUT.

Business is all about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something you’ve never done before. So if you reach out to your environment and the people that you know who are not in that level that you want to be, then you’re not going to get fresh ideas either, right?

So think about it. Stretch a little bit because sometimes the best people who can greatly help you cannot be found around you. She can even be a stranger or a coach who is not within the social environment that you are in/ Allowing yourself to digest new ideas is one of the most uplifting things that you can do for yourself moving forward!

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