Thanks to modern computer technology and the internet, every company can now offer their products worldwide. From selling soap to selling clothes, products are getting bought and shipped to consumers anywhere in the world. Click and pay, and receive the goods just a few days later.

This is an increasingly popular business model. As more people globally become educated about the internet, and get accustomed to online shopping, those that offer online shopping websites and click-and-pay sites will benefit tremendously. So, its not just about the direct selling companies; think of Amazon, or Shopee, or Lazada, or any other online sales companies.

Global e-commerce sales will reach $58.74 Trillion by 2028. This represents a significant increase from previous years and indicates the growing popularity of online shopping.

Additionally, online retail sales are projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6% from 2021 to 2028. (

Who is behind it?

Network marketing is based on the idea that consumers love to refer products that they love to use, to their network! Human beings are social ‘animals’ and we want to share ‘good things’ with others!

Network marketing companies operate in a unique manner, in that they pay their consumers for making successful referrals.

Retail vs Online Shopping

In the pre-internet era, products are sold at retail outlets. Businesses use a lot of capital to buy plenty of stocks at a very low price, and markup to sell in smaller quantities to partners, who also do the same. This repeats several more times until it gets on the retail shelf whereby the consumer will pay the final markup price of retailer.

But the internet has changed everything. Online shopping is the new way to buy and receive goods. Manufacturers get more real-time info to produce exact quantities of purchased goods and ship directly to customers anywhere in the world, manufacture with minimum waste, and not have to destroy unconsumed or expired products. In this way, online shopping helps the manufacturing process to be very real and cost-effective. These cost benefits can be passed to consumers in terms of higher product quality.

License & Regulation

The direct selling industry (a.k.a. networking marketing) is properly regulated, and companies with this license is recognised as a legitimate business entity. Companies apply for a license to operate their direct selling model, and are awarded the by having met all standards and operates in accordance with policies and criteria of the license.

Why would your client love it?

A recent informal simple sampling done showed that 9 out of 10 people have heard about network marketing at some point in their life. Most have used some products, and more than half of those sampled had in one way or another made some attempt to do the business.

In network marketing, many are attracted to the lucrative possibilities offered, such as a travel lifestyle with time and financial freedom. Every single time It takes time to understand the business and how it really works.

But really… what else is there for your client?

Amazing People

Its incredible to know the leaders – those who have reached the pinnacle in the organisation through sheer self-development, effort and discipline. Network marketers having ‘made it’ happy, positive, open-minded, cheerful and with a big big warm personality. They’re also regularly spending time with family and loved ones, travel the world and helping others learn about e-commerce, and they love meeting new people.

In a traditional environment, achieving immense goals (if one could achieve it) would mean others have to jump through high hoops to meet or know them. Helping others to learn and do what they do is not one of their aims in life.

Learn just one main Skill

In this business, the goal is to get really good at knowing how to make successful referrals. By being successful in this, one can already create a good-size business by showing and teaching others to get good at doing the same.

Away with paper chores

E-commerce and the internet speeds-up ordering and payment, and facilitate the entire process on a website in an automated manner. Anyone will find it easy to refer customers and get paid.

Better than Store bought

Direct selling businesses make better-than-average store products, since they do depend on their existing customers to refer new customers to try the products. On the contrary, retail sales doesn’t rely on what customers say or think – it is wholly dependent on the size of marketing budget to attract new customers.

Real income with real career opportunities

There are now families who are in their 2nd and 3rd generation in the business of network marketing. This should set people to start thinking – would parents encourage their kids to do the same as they if it were not a good opportunity?


There is a lot to love about this industry. In this article, it has barely scratched the surface.

The only caveat here is on making the ‘right’ choice. For most, it would be based on products, or maybe the plan. However, the most important if it all (and which is least considered) is choosing partners. Selecting to join partners who are experienced, knowledge and capable and who have made money (or who can show you someone who is making some really good money) in this very important, and adds immensely to the possibilities of succeeding in this industry.

Your client should expect the journey to be an adventure, filled with the expected and the un-expected, and filled with lots of new opportunities to grow and learn.

Help your client overcome negative thinking, and to learn new thinking and develop better and more powerful beliefs, and in the end, you can be the proud coach to yet another financially successful client!.