There are some very big names in the industry who are self-admittedly a Serial Entrepreneur, like Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, Gary Vynerchuck, Dave Ramsey and many many others. Bringing this a little closer to Asia (where I call home), there is Robert Kuok, Stanley Li, Tony Fernandez… and many more.

Thinking like a serial entrepreneur is a process.  And one of the steps is to have more defined goals and a better network community. Startups come from ideas, but ideas are useless until they are managed, executed and deployed. There are certain qualities and skills + mindset that will propel you to reach your objectives. Curiosity and enthusiasm are crucial.

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#1 For every one successful serial entrepreneur who makes it big, there are another hundred (or more) in the making. They’ve not failed, they’re just in-the-making.

#2 The journey of being a serial entrepreneur means being ready to start over again. No matter what anyone else says.

#3 Recognise the old belief system about being an entrepreneur – that you might not be cut out to be an entrepreneur if it didn’t work the first time. This is about doing it again, again, again .. practise being an entrepreneur.

#4 Revel in the process. Dwell in the thinking, practising, and perfecting of the process. The end-result lets you know if you’ve got the process right.

#5 Learn from other serial entrepreneurs around you. Even if they’ve not yet made it big. If they’re on their #2 entrepreneurship, they have some useful learnings, for sure.

#6 Learning can be either +ve or -ve. Be constantly focused on learning, and not on getting “right” answers. Getting what seems like the “right” answer is a mind-trap; the upside to this is.. you get to blame someone else if it doesn’t work out.  (ok, just kidding.. :D)

#7 Successful serial entrepreneurs are those who are diligently working on perfecting the craft of being an entrepreneur. They are trained Olympic athletes in the entrepreneurial world. They know that training is what counts. Serial entrepreneurs know the same.

So if you are walking down that road of being an entrepreneur for the first time, or the second, or the third… however many times… remember that you are way closer to making your dreams come true.

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