Have you ever noticed that anything that happens in your life—something great or painful—you attach a meaning to it? And then you interpret it in your own terms that lead you to believe or do something later on in your life?

For instance, we’ve heard so many times in the news that a child is bullied at school and find out that the bully himself/herself is in fact, a victim of violence at home. In other words, what you experience in life plays a huge role in who you are as an individual today.

“People think experience is coming at them from the outside in, but it’s actually coming through them from the inside out.” ~ Michael Neill, The Inside Out Revolution

When I was a kid, I had a great childhood. And respect was also taught firmly at home—with a cane. One day, when I was in grade school, I found out that one of our classmates cheated on our exams. I angrily tore his paper in half and told him not to cheat again. So, was that really me? To react the way that my father would’ve reacted when he found out that I had done something wrong.

WHY do you think I did that?

These are some great tips for you: It is the interpretation of the events that shape your life.

  1. You decide how you interpret your life experiences. With each life event, we decide upon an interpretation. It is how you interpret or attach meaning to it that you define who and what you are and what you can have and do.
  2. It’s not what happened in your life—it is what you decide about what happened that makes all the difference. It is what you decide ‘being hurt’ or ‘abandoned’ said about you that affect your life.
  3. Your personal reality is shaped by your own interpretations. When you allow yourself to become the ‘victim’ of your own interpretations, you will be fixed in your experience and continue to feed it with further validations that create all of your beliefs.
  4. Fostering feelings of powerlessness and anger doesn’t help. These life experiences may even compel you to act them out even if it was detrimental to yourself and others.
  5. Take a step back and see that your life is part of a bigger picture. Discover the great flowing event you call the universe. You have the right and ability to embrace that energy of universal flow. This is called AWARENESS and it is transformational.

If you’ve felt ‘low’ or feel like you’re ‘in a rut’… what would you like to change? Are you ready to turn it around? Do you, like many people I know, find yourself struggling with money? Would you like to experience your relationship with money differently?


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