30% (or 50%?) #Women in the #Boardroom?

In my experiences with my clients, both men and women, and holding independent or exec boardroom roles – there is an OBVIOUS WEAKNESS that women NEED TO DO something about, to get ‘IN’ on these roles.

The fact is – women are still very ‘behind’ and most not ready to be serving in the boardroom, and in most cases, there’s ample reason for them to be counted OUT instead of IN.

My clients, the men executives… they have a straight-up point of focus – “What am I doing poorly now?”, and “What should I focus on to get better results?” (And yes, we show them how to ‘get’ what’s right for them, in the shortest time possible.) They want clear-cut performance, results, objectives, etc.

In the case of women – its somewhat opposite. No focus, no ‘want’, no goals. It’s even challenging to answer questions such as – “What do you want to see / have in the next 12-24mths?” “What do you want to/need to know or learn in the next 6 mths”? “What are you doing that is making a difference”? Women generally show-up with a tendency to be contented & goal-less; and a ‘cocoon’ mindset of “being all good-enough”.

Here’s the problem – the 30% (or 50%) ‘target’ for boardroom diversity is fast becoming a ‘women’s right’ matter, rather than a ‘business competitiveness” matter. With that kind of creeping “rights-minded” mentality that it is now… It’s scary. Perhaps even a cause for long-term business concern.

And those of my senior men executive client eyeing a board position, … feel like having to compete on unequal ground.

Well – the boardroom is the ‘steering’ part of a business. Women can do so much better, and BE so much more, and serve in the boardroom not because they’re women, but because they DESERVE TO BE ON THE BOARD.

If you’re one of a few extraordinary capable women (and I know they are out there) who’ve missed out board roles, and want to know ‘Why’ or ‘What’, be sure to reach out & find out more.

Dephy Oon

Dephy Oon

Chief Executive @Paddee Connexions

Dephy is a senior executive with nearly 30 years of work and business experiences, and has held numerous positions in local and multi-national corporates. She is a frequent contributor on articles for executive mindset, modern leader skills, self-leadership and coaching skills. She writes from the experiences of having achieved success in operational and leadership positions, from working in the local and foreign business environments, and having been part of steering and on board positions. She is currently coaching clients in several countries, industries and some of who are board members on the top 100 PLCs in Malaysia.

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