The reality of taking a major leap from being a full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur is that it is both challenging and rewarding. Learn these top five tips to help you make a successful transition from corporate to business.


Five Steps to Transitioning from a 9-5 Employee to Full-time Business Owner


1. First, ask yourself: “What can I provide that I love doing?”

Clearly identify the gap you’re filling in people’s lives. Similar products and services presented in a different way or to a different target market will resonate with different types of people. Ask yourself, what makes your experience, approach, or process different from others?

2. Develop the idea and niche around a big picture vision of what you want.

Consider these factors: What are the type/s of people that you will attract? What’s the scope of your target market? How much money are you currently making? Where will you get your resources? How will you connect with your clients? Who is your support system? What will your life look like having a full time business doing what you love?

3. Create a business plan and test the market to know your business potential

Focus on a strategy and action plan that will serve as a roadmap for launching your business: what you will offer, who your target customers will be, and how you will fund the company. Next, try out your idea on small groups with to gain insight on potential customers, competitors, and the industry.

4. Build your business network more and foster long-term relationships

There are never too many people in a business owner’s network, especially for a new entrepreneur. Build your network with prospective customers and even business partners. Developing these relationships leads to long-term customer loyalty and a steady inflow of referrals.

5. Get a coach/mentor to guide you through every step of the way

Most successful multi-billion business owners like Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates advise aspiring entrepreneurs to seek the advice of smarter, more experienced people. And learn to decipher the good input from the bad.

Accept that learning more equals earning more. And remember, always listen to your inner voice. Trust yourself, push yourself, and always remember— you can do this!

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