Firstly, let me clarify what this article will refer to as a recession-proof employee.

A recession-proof employee has a job and is able to remain employed through any economic situation. Being a recession-proof employee also means having a recession-proof paycheque, that is, continue receiving regular payments without starting a business or taking additional financial risk typically not associated with employment. Thirdly, a recession-proof employee includes self-employed individuals in their own company; i.e.: encompassing anyone who receives a regular pay-check.

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So, does one go about being a recession-proof employee, or in other words, recession-proofing the pay-checks? I have found that professionals are constantly in-demand and remain hired for what they are able to produce rather than for what they know. And recession-proofing paycheques have to do with the kind of results produced rather than the kind of knowledge one has.

Here are five suggestions:

1. Ability to influence co-workers to achieve new or improved results, in support of the organisation vision. Its not the position or the authority, but in the ability to create a leadership presence that creates trust for the team to move forward as a whole.

2. Communicating effectively, and while most are content with communicating with co-workers, effective communication extends to much more. Think how easy it is to be effective with colleagues, and vice versa, how difficult it is to be effective with seniors, pitching to board of directors, selling to an already-irate customer, etc. Don’t fall for the easy definition just to cross a low hurdle, it won’t ensure a recession-proof paycheck.

3. Proponent of technology, sharing ideas and creating environments of learning rather than being a passive user. In-demand professionals actively make sense out of current technologies and are able to be effective in adopting the new ideas, new paradigms of thinking that are represented in newer technologies.

4. Invest in yourself with an education an earn a professional designation. If you are a fee-based advisor carrying a professional designation such as the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®), as your mark of expertise, this credential can serve both you and your clients in many ways, as they will enable you to spot more planning opportunities and increase your professional competence.

5. Be flexible and proactive. Employees who keep a good attitude and have a willingness to do unpleasant tasks will have a better chance of keeping their jobs than those who complain and defer their responsibilities. If you volunteer to work overtime performing tasks that no one else wants to do can elevate your status among your superiors.

Do you have other suggestions to add?

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