I used to think that coaching was only about action steps. Like when you do in sports, the coach normally instructs and directs you to do this and that in the game. But business coaching is a different approach with a deeper connection to your life, your story, and belief systems that shape how you manage your business.

With so many aspects involved in being an entrepreneur and leader to your staff, there is but one key skill that most of us have a tremendous amount of room for growth. It’s called self-awareness.

Although most of us are certainly self-aware most of the time, improving self-awareness and leveraging all the advantages brought about by this essential skill should be on top of your list when it comes to increasing your emotional intelligence (EQ).

Why Self Reflection is Not Enough: Guilt Trips and ‘Blind Spots’

Self-awareness is crucial to understanding ourselves and how we relate to others. Getting in your own rational and irrational nature is part of being able to work and lead more effectively. But sometimes we struggle and fight against ourselves for reasons that we thought didn’t make any sense.

For instance, in your daily activities, have you ever felt overwhelmed just thinking about where to begin even though you’ve done a certain process many times before? Do you sometimes hear that tiny voice in your head telling you that you can’t do it and give you more self-doubt rather than confidence?

Not seeing your true self and constantly beating yourself with old beliefs and guilt trips from past mistakes is what disrupts your focused attention, concentration, and clarity—which are all necessary for discovering appropriate actions.

We all need someone who can act as a magnifying glass and help us see and examine ourselves thoroughly. It’s been said that a wise one receives corrections but a fool despises them. Increased self-awareness gives you a greater clarity of perception than normal, and it encompasses much more than that.

7 Ways an Entrepreneur Coach Helps You Cultivate Self-Awareness

1. Understand yourself more and how you relate to others

Ever heard of the line, “She is excellent technically but lacks self-awareness.” It’s because self-awareness involves being concerned about your traits, behaviours, feelings, and how you deal with the world, be it personally or professionally.

2. Ability to determine what is relevant

It is gathering and clearly perceiving the relevant facts and information and prioritising what is the most important of all that is going on around you. Developing self-awareness enables you to understand what you are experiencing. And this often leads to responsible action.

3. Boosts your self-confidence

Working with a business coach can help you become more aware of where you are strong and where you are weak. In this way, you can focus more energy on doing what you’re good at.

4. Take on issues that you might not have otherwise taken on

With more confidence, you can navigate challenging situations with the knowledge that you can skillfully deal with the emotional reactions that come up during those situations. Being confident is like having a handy energy shot so you can take on those challenges.

5. Make good business decisions

An entrepreneur coach’s role is to raise your self-awareness and self-regulation in making good judgments for your business and making better decisions even under pressure. He or she will help you see clearly if you are making decisions out of habit and to be more willing to move out of our comfort zone.

6. Embrace new thoughts and ideas

Your business coach is also your ‘new pair of eyes’. Fresh perspective and a brand new ‘take on things’. Becoming a more self-aware person helps you to become a better leader, even if you are only leading yourself, in the case of a solopreneur.

7. Look at issues more objectively and the role you play or may have played in creating them

Last but not the least, getting yourself an entrepreneur coach can provide you guidance for changes that you can make to better yourself at work or in your business. Now, you are more mindful and operate in the here and now, creating a more harmonious environment.

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