For three consecutive days, we did a series of Facebook LIVE Interviews straight from the marvelous city of Cannes, France! We had the great opportunity to meet and greet fellow women entrepreneurs, coaches, and other professionals at the Women Business Conference in France last June 3-5, 2018.

“The decisions you make are very different when you are AFRAID”.

In some countries, women are brought up to ASK people around them before they can do anything. You may constantly think WHY you can’t do something instead of HOW you can do it. If you don’t have confidence, you will listen to anything people will tell you to do.

#1 If you have been in a situation where you had some form of abuse, mental or emotional at a younger age, it impacts who you are today.

#2 There are real issues that you may have faced from narcissistic imposed leadership. You may face the challenge of “Do I say it?” or “Do I call it out?”

#3 If you have previously been affected by narcissistic parenting/approach, you will eventually live in this belief system and display that kind of behaviour and personalities that you’ve been around with.

#4 You tend to repeat this pattern of cycle to attract more of that kind of relationships — whether in your work, in your spouse, or children, or anyone at all.

#5 First, you must recognise that in the past you might have had some imposed adult behaviours on you, belief systems that might NOT be right.

#6 For example, there are models that don’t work with you in relation to how your parents might have imposed money habits instead of what it needs to be for an entrepreneur. This might even stop your business full stop if you carry this notion that is not even yours.

#7 If you’re in a place where you’re saying I’m so afraid I may not get out of it, that’s where you acknowledge the fear and seek help.

#8 If you are suffering the same and you need to get it out or get out of what is causing you the pain, then you need a FIRM DECISION.

#9 Get SUPPORT. You have to train yourself and up level your skills and look for those who already have it and learn from them. Constantly look for help. Be TEACHABLE. Be coachable.

#10 Sometimes you will ask “Do I confront?” or Do I step back?” If you want to confront but feel nervous about that, then you need a hand to guide you.

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